News About PASS For Week Ending November 1, 2014


This week is the start of the PASS Summit so expect to see a lot of blog posts and traffic on Twitter (#sqlpass and #summit14).

PASS VP Denise McInerney published SQL Server and BA: Growing in Depth and Breadth that talks about the direction of PASS and the BA Conference, and also indicates that the events have generated a slight profit overall. The post also tries to address the concern about the BAC taking resources away from other areas by discussing the hiring of more staff. That doesn’t answer the question conclusively in our opinion, though in fairness it is hard to do so. Given the number of times BAC has been mentioned in the minutes for meetings held in 2014 it is clearly requiring time from the Board on an ongoing basis, but it isn’t possible to tell if initiatives in other areas have been delayed or reduced – that would be a very good question to ask the Board at the Q&A this week. On a very positive note there will be a meeting about the PASS Business Analytics Direction and Q&A session at Summit on Friday, Nov. 7, at 2:15 pm in Room 307/308, no information yet if it will be webcast as well.

PASS President Thomas LaRock posted Announcing PASS Board Portfolios for 2015. Portfolios are essentially departments and give each Director an area of focus and corresponding budget. Announcing them now is a big win because it allows Board members to meet with their HQ counterparts as well as community leaders that are involved in their portfolio. It also increases the chances of a warm hand off by doing it during Summit rather than on January 1. The volunteer portfolio that was added back to the list in 2012 was removed, presumably so that the new Business Analytics portfolio could be added. Adding a BA portfolio seems like a solid move to make sure it gets the attention it needs. We hope that the volunteer momentum started by outgoing Board member Sri Sriharan is maintained.

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