News About PASS For Week Ending November 8, 2014


The 2014 PASS Summit was held last week in Seattle and the press release states that a new record of 5900 registrations and 3941 delegates was set (the press release for the 2013 counts is offline, the title mentions 5000+ registrations). Registrations includes those who register for the Summit (paid or unpaid) as well as those who register for a seminar, delegates is a measure of unique attendees. Keynotes and a sample of sessions were broadcast live on PASS TV (see the complete list below). We recommend watching the Day 2 keynote which includes a PASS finance update and the presentation from Rimma Nehme on how the “cloud” works and also the Women in Technology lunch presentation (recommended). Lot of blog posts and more then 5100 tweets that used the #summit14 hashtag. Congratulations to Andrey Korshikov for winning the 2014 PASSion award for organizing four PASS SQLSaturdays in Krasnodar and Moscow, three Russian editions of the 24 Hours of PASS virtual event, and two PASS SQLRally Russia events.

PASS announced the dates for the 2015 Summit; October 27-30, 2015.

The October 2014 minutes were approved during the Summit.

Read PASS BoD Thoughts by Mike Walsh for a take on how and when members should engage with PASS and the Board.

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  1. Arthur Jenkins

    The Wednesday 8:15 AM keynote cuts off before James Phillips finishes his presentation. Please fix this. Thank you.

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