News About PASS For Week Ending June 27, 2015


It was busy news week in the world of PASS with the most recent 24HOP wrapping up, the announcement of speaker selections for the PASS Summit, the start of the 2016 election with the announcement of some minor changes to the election process (read Changes to the 2015 PASS Board Elections and Changes to the 2015 PASS Board Elections) and the schedule for selecting the Nominating Committee (begins July 8, 2015). Minutes of the May 2015 Board meeting were posted and the BAC continues to dominate Board time, with a full review of the BAC planned for the June meeting (which has been held, but minutes won’t be available until July), you can also read a shorter recap from PASS President Thomas LaRock.

Worth noting is that there seemed to be far less negative feedback from speakers who were not selected for the PASS Summit this year, presumably due to the changes put in place since the 2014 Summit. We hope to see still more transparency in the year to come, especially with regards to feedback collected from those not selected, and also in the form of a post-Summit review to see how effective the evaluation and scheduling process was compared to session attendance and evaluations.

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