News About PASS For Week Ending July 11, 2015


This week the call for applications for the PASS Nominating Committee (NomCom) is open. Members that are interested in serving submit a short application, then an election is held to select which candidates will serve as the community representatives on the committee. It’s a great way to volunteer and it’s a great way to learn more about being a Board member if you think you might want to try that in the future. It’s a sizable time commitment though, expect to put in 10-20 hours during the election cycle, much of it on calls with other NomCom members.

Last week PASS announced that the BAC would continue in 2016. Since then Andy Warren posted Thoughts on the PASS BAC that asks some questions about that decision that are worth reading and thinking about


News From PASS & PASS Board Members

News From PASS Members

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