News About PASS For Week Ending August 9, 2015


Two good posts from incoming President Adam Jorgensen this week, with Elections Update being the most interesting. The Board’s interpretation of the by-laws is that while James Rowland-Jones moving to the EVP role on January 1, 2016 will create a vacancy on the Board, that vacancy won’t exist during the 2015 election – which means the Board will appoint someone on January 1st or soon after. We find that to be a fairly tortured execution of the intent. There are alternatives. One is to have James Rowland-Jones submit a resignation effective December 31, 2015 so that the election can include his ‘to be vacated’ seat. The other is to provide guidance now on how the seat will be filled. Going back to a the turmoil of a previous election we believe the best way would be to appoint whoever finishes fourth in the 2015 election (assuming of course there are more than three candidates).

While we’re on the topic of elections and vacancies part of what makes this overly complicated is that while Board members are elected, officers are appointed – and once appointed never stand for re-election by the members. Someone who goes through the ranks of VP Marketing, EVP Finance, and President serves for six years without the members ever being able to directly vote on whether they should continue to serve.

PASS Needs You! by Grant Fritchey is the standard entreaty to run for the PASS Board, but of real interest is the comment by Cody that asks the question “what does that involve?”. It’s hard to convince people to run if they don’t understand the goals, the workload, and the pre-requisites. Clearly Grant shouldn’t have to create all those from scratch, which leads to the question of whether the answers to those questions exist on the PASS web site and whether PASS is doing enough to inform and prepare the next generation of leaders.

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